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eTelic delivers solutions that improve how Federal, Defense, and Commercial organizations service their constituents and stakeholders. We focus on delivering cost savings and improved efficiency across IT projects of all sizes. eTelic provides consulting expertise on multi-year projects across several Federal and Defense agencies. We have nearly a decade of experience in the full life cycle management of IT practice areas. The list below highlights some of our representative Clients and projects:


Navy Advancement Center


EXAMINATION DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM The U.S. Navy’s advancement program requires examinations by personnel in order to properly evaluate their skills and job performance. The exam process requires a significant number of DoD mandated business rules. This Examination Development System is a web-based application that embodies all those business rules along with associated security requirements, including smart cards and encryption.

NAVY ENLISTED ADVANCEMENT SYSTEM The advancement of sailors in the Navy is governed by complicated business rules that were embodied in a million lines of COBOL code. These were largely undocumented (i.e. they evolved through multiple Navy directives and became convoluted). The system integrated with 30+ other systems as well. We converted this bulky application into a more modern system, without impacting any of the 30 integrating systems while having the same advancement results (calculations) as in the older system. The fact tables held ~18M records for each cycle (~6 cycles for the year, 20 years of data).

IMPROVING NAVY ADVANCEMENT PROCESS U.S. Navy advances (promotes) sailors based on complicated mathematical criteria with inputs from their past performance and exams. The organization performing this service was seeking to improve its processes and work methodologies, and we leveraged the Human Interaction Modeling approach to provide that.

Navy Recruit Training Command

RECRUIT IN PROCESSING SYSTEM When new recruits start in the U.S. Navy, they have to fill out over 50 paper forms with over 1,000 fields. Using Turanto, we managed the complete development of an automated system that provides a web-based wizard that embodies complex business rules, allowing the recruits to fill out the data exactly once. The information was then accessed by Navy personnel in many commands to further process recruit information, including viewing and editing of information, and printing various reports from the data recorded from the in-processing system.

OPTIMIZING NAVY RECRUITING PROCESS U.S. Navy Recruiting had a good recruiting process, but the evolution of rules had complicated it. This caused a significant number of mini organizations to sprout up in order to validate different aspects of a recruit – in turn, blurring the transparent status of a recruit’s application. The satisfaction rates –both from recruits and recruiters – had plummeted. We identified the root causes and enabled the organization to be on the right track to reduce their recruit decision and readiness time.

SCHEDULING CLASSES BASED ON PROXIMITY TO TRAINING CENTER U.S. Navy sailors have to regularly attend classes that are offered at different places. The sailor sometimes picks classes that are not close to his/her physical location, causing significant travel expenses for the US Navy. The desire was to build (prototype) a system that will by default provide the classes that are nearest to the sailor. Integrated the GIS information over web services using Google API and Google maps.

Naval Service Training Command

OFFICER PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (OPMIS) NSTC was using a legacy suite of full client applications to manage officer production information. These applications were converted to web-based ones using ASP.NET.

Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center

CONTENT SITE FOR U.S. NAVY (USING ORACLE MIDDLEWARE) Using shared folders to share documents is still common, but does not allow collaboration over the web. Moreover, the security setup is a little more tedious and has to be tied to internal accounts. Hence, US Navy (NETPDTC) desired a web based content management site and selected Oracle Collaboration (now Oracle Middleware Content Management). SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Oracle Collaboration (BeeHive / Content Management) deployment and configuration
  • WEBDAV configuration, requirements and process considerations.

INFORMATION SECURITY -SINGLE SIGN ON U.S. Navy had several independent systems – each with its own set of login and role models. This caused the end users to remember and modify a significant number of passwords to do their job. Establishing a portal to consolidate all the links on one page would help only if the movement from one site to another did not pop up a login dialog – with a different username/password combination. This project was to enable personnel to login once and seamlessly traverse to partner websites without having to re-login. SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Software Development (Java, Oracle Platform)

SMART CARD INTEGRATION Once the Single Sign On solution was in place, the next challenge was complying with the smart card login (CAC – Common Access Card for Department of Defense). Since all the sites were already logging in with the SSO server, it was obviously the right place to modify to integrate with CAC. We also integrated over SOA with DEERS (the Defense system that includes all contractor, employee, and retiree data), to ensure all the relevant data was available as profile information to partner apps. SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Software Development (Java, Oracle App Server), Web Services, SOA, Smart Card (CAC)

ENTERPRISE .NET STANDARDS FOR U.S. NAVY US Navy’s MPT&E organization was seeking to standardize its multitude of .NET application development so that the resources could easily be moved across projects, the projects would always yield consistent results, and the security and performance footprint would be consistent. The result was a significant effort to document all aspects of .NET development and resulted in a significant Enterprise Architecture that is being followed for all .NET development.

JAVA STANDARDS FOR U.S. NAVY U.S. Navy’s MPT&E organization was seeking to standardize its Java application development so that the resources could easily be moved across projects, the projects would always yield consistent results,and the security and performance footprint would be consistent. The result was a significant effort to document all aspects of Java (web application) development, and what resulted is a significant Enterprise Architecture (in progress) that will be followed by the developer community.

Naval ROTC

ENHANCE NAVY RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING (NROTC) AND APPROVAL PROCESS In the process of developing software to improve the NROTC application website, we determined that a significant number of issues were not really technical, but that they were procedural conflicts. We requested to kick off our human interaction modeling effort tohelp them understand and thus reduce the perceived error rate.




eTelic has executed several IT and management consulting projects for the Department of Labor as a subcontractor.

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

CONTENT MANAGEMENT FOR NUCLEAR REGULATORY COMMISSION NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) was looking to organize its content (documents, videos, meeting recordings) along with traditional knowledge management (FAQ, notes), and collaboration (meeting minutes, ticketing of tasks). We won a competitive bid to provide them with the services leveraging SharePoint and DotNetNuke.


eTelic has executed several IT and management consulting projects for the Department of State as a subcontractor.




VIRGINIA INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES AGENCY eTelic provides following services to VITA through Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) :



Veterans Scholarship Application Management DVS desired to replace a currently manual process for administering an important program within the agency, called VMSDEP, that processes financial aid applications from veteran families to attend college at Virginia colleges and universities. The agency planned to replace the current process with a public-facing, web-based application which could also be used by DVS and college personnel to administer VMSDEP, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs associated with the program’s processes.


eTelic has executed several IT and management consulting projects for the Department of Corrections as a subcontractor.

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

LEGACY APPLICATIONS CONVERSION PROJECT Catawba Hospital had several critical software applications that were nearing obsolescence due to operating system upgrades and the introduction of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system being implemented by the central office of DBHDS. eTelic Team were engaged by Catawba Hospital under the VITA/Computer Aid staff augmentation program to design and develop web-based applications with more sophisticated databases and reporting functions to replace the legacy applications.


RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD UI CUSTOMIZATION The Interface for Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), US is designed for Business Objects XIR2 & for Authentication purposes “Windows AD Authentication” will be primarily used. The user credential along-with the password, used for logging into the BO Infoview(Single-Sign On), should pass on to the DB2 Database. The user interface is implemented to customize & enable authentication of user. Only the authenticated user can update DB2 table records .Also, query manager implemented to view/update the table records based on set of criteria SERVICES PROVIDED

  • BO InfoView,DB2 database, BO SDK(.NET),ASP.Net




FABRIC NESTING OPTIMIZATION SYSTEM To develop & deploy a web-based system or optimization of panel cutting for Lutron’s window Shade Manufacturing Unit. The system will capture fabric flaw maps and uses it to determine the optimal cut for panel using a simple fit algorithm, thereby minimizing the scrap generated from the selected fabric roll. The system will select the role based on sales order, issues the roll, display the cuts graphically (on screen) while avoiding flaws for cutting operator & generate report/labels/ remnant roll updated data. Also need to generate different labels with Bar Code (code 128). SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Search & recommend the 2 Dimensional Cutting Stock Solution, heuristic algorithm
  • ASP.Net,Cut 2D Xdll (Optimal Programs),SQL Server 2005

Lucid Technical Solutions LLC

Lucid Technical Solutions LLC
eTelic provides IT Staffing services to Lucid Technical Solutions LLC.


MERCURY-SIG (SALES INFORMATION GATEWAY) ENHANCEMENT SIG Enhancement is divided into the two modules: 1. Mercury SIG: It is migration of Mercury Mindshare site from existing pages to Vignette Portal, aim of the project is minimal dependency of IT team for creating and maintaining their pages. 2. Contact Center SIG: we need to create the portlets in VAP, use Link Management Tool to manage/create links by “user role” & update the VAP Portlets using LMT. SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Vignette Application Portal, JSP, CSS, HTML, DHTML,

SALES LIBRARY APPLICATION This project was to provide a gateway to users to search the corporation’s Sales documents / information. The website allowed users to conduct a customizable preference-based search to retrieve information in the most effective manner. An enterprise search engine Autonomy’s K2 – was used in this website. SERVICES PROVIDED

  • XML, XSLT, Ajax, JSP, CSS, HTML, DHTML, Autonomy’s K2, Oracle Developer

CDS+ PROJECT This was a mission critical enhancement project. The application was built on a Vignette Business Integration Studio (VBIS). Also included was transition from Verity K2 6.1 to IDOL7 SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Vignette Business Integration Studio , XML

UNSTRUCTURED REPOSITORY MANAGEMENT (URM) URM is used to maintain and get fast and accurate results, There are thousands of documents uploaded daily to the corporation’s repository. K2 is used as a search engine and K2 APIs are used to create the search application. SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Autonomy’s K2, JSP, VAP

DATABASE CONSOLIDATION CENTER (DCC) This was a mission critical project to consolidate & standardize platforms/softwares from legacy servers spread across +50 locations to new data centers across 4 locations with 3-Tier architecture. The project involved development, up gradation/migration of 70+ application data to the new data centers with new standards including: Database: Oracle 10g, MS SQL 2005 ETL: Informatica 7.x Reporting: Business Objects XI OS: HPUX 11 /Windows 2003 SQL Integration Services: SSIS SERVICES PROVIDED

  • Informatica, DTS, SSIS, Oracle 10g DB, BO XIR2 , Executive Viewer, SQL 2005

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Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI)
CAI is the VA IT Contingent Labor contract’s full-service Managed Service Provider, overseeing all service delivery tasks including:

  • Agency consultation
  • Response management
  • Candidate evaluation and validation
  • Interview facilitation
  • Invoice processing
  • Help desk support
  • Performance oversight
CSC is a global leader of next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions. CSC has a large portfolio of government wide acquisition contracts (GWACs) and other ID/IQ contracts.
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KPIT is a global IT Consulting and Product Engineering partner providing technology solutions and services for a wide spectrum of corporations specializing in automotive & transportation, manufacturing and energy & utilities and many more.
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General Dynamics Information Technology is a trusted systems integrator and provides information technology (IT), systems engineering, professional services and simulation and training to customers in the defense, federal civilian government, health, homeland security, intelligence, state and local government and commercial sectors.


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