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eTelic’s proprietary cloud application development platform TURANTO® provides an excellent and cost-effective platform to build any application in minutes in your browser and without writing any code! Even a Mobile Optimized Application! Use it immediately at No Risk! Turanto enables you to build complex web and mobile applications in the cloud – all without programming.

It’s easy to build web and mobile application using existing web application as well. You can generate model quickly from your existing database including –

  • Excel
  • Access(mdb file)
  • SQL (mdf file)

Turanto has a rich feature set for both the Analyst and the Programmer.

Build Mobile Apps
Turanto automatically takes your model and specs and converts it into a working mobile application. The screens are optimized for common mobile use and are less cluttered and bandwidth sensitive.

Build Web Apps
All common aspects of a web application are generated based on your model and specs. This includes search, reports, security, predictable screen layouts, and more.

In The Cloud
All you need is a browser on your favorite internet device. Ok, we have not tested it with internet-enabled refrigerator, but we have with your favorite tablet, computer, OS and your favorite browser. No plug-in. No downloads.

Business Workflow
Every business entity moves through a process and collects data as it goes along. Most ERPs, CRMs, and others track this data along with the rules associated with them.

For The Cloud
The application you build is already optimized and architected for running in the cloud. Tenant Architecture allows you to have multiple customers run securely and privately on the same platform without having to create multiple applications.

Built In Security
Only authorized users can see. Only permitted users can edit. Others don’t even know those features exist. And you control who can do what. All from an interface built specifically for your application.

Auditing & Journaling
In today’s environment of increased business regulation and auditing, it is self-evident that accountability for changes should be and in many instances must be, monitored and recorded. Mandatory or not.

Developer’s Delight
Turanto eliminates repetitive tasks and makes the developers focus on the problems that are important and relevant. It further eliminates the writer’s block by giving you working stuff. You download the code, modify the few things … and be a hero. You can now make the project’s date and the personal evening date as well.


Focuses on long term results by anticipating future needs.